Thursday, September 10, 2009


I recently visited Chile, to ski. DSC01817









There were some nice graphics on the way to the resort.DSC01839

I noticed that the Chileans are fond of empanadas. They are pretty much the same as our empanadas.  Shrimp and cheese are really typical, and beef, similar to pot roast is offered. The food is not very hot. And they like steak and seafood.   Here are the empanadas in Chile:DSC01925 We went to the grocery store, and noticed about four varieties of avocados, which they call palta, not aguacate, and eat on hot dogs, along with many other things. That’s called a DSC01935  completo italiano.

And the grocery carries quail eggs as well,


plus more beautiful produce, including artichokes and pears.


DSC01936They have an interesting wine variety, carmenere, killed in

France during the phylloxera epidemic. They claim that their carmenere is the only pure carmenere, and that those in other wine growing regions are blends.  We went to the Conch Y Toro tour, and you would probably say why not go to a smaller winery for a tour?  Sometimes it’s better to be in a big group and look around, and not be in a small captive audience. Plus they have a nice little set-up for visitors. The tour was of the cellar only, not of the factory. 


So in August I set out to make some empanadas, and used the dough recipe on page 264 of Elizabeth Lambert Ortiz’s  The Complete  Book of Mexican Cooking.The Complete Book of Mexican Cooking by Elisabeth Lambert Ortiz 

These empanadas were peach, and filled with actual peaches prepared just like peach pie and cooked on the stove long enough to cook the corn starch in the filling. I used a four inch cocoa can to cut out the dough which I rolled as thin as possible. The empanadas were fried in peanut oil. I over-filled most of them, unfortunately, and it doesn’t seem to matter much.


They could look prettier, but

 DSC01977   powdered sugar covers a lack of talent, and tastes really good.


We didn’t have any problem finishing these.


This taste tester ate plenty. I think she is the one who gave me the Elizabeth Lambert Ortiz cookbook.  Thanks!


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