Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pie Baking While Canoe Camping

Six of us went camping in three canoes over spring break, on the Colorado (Texas) River, East of Austin, toward Bastrop. Over the course of the weekend of March 20, we had fried catfish, bread pudding, chicken chili, apple pie, and breakfast one day was monkey bread, and eggs the other another. My sister cooked most of it. My brother-in-law worked on the coals for the dutch oven. Everyone else pitched in. But here is our apple pie, and no recipe is needed.
I had expert help prepping apples. We used about six small fuji apples.

I used a store bought pie pastry. Nobody would make pastry out on the river. I like the type that come in a roll. I brought all of the streusel ingredients in a bag, and mixed them on site. I used a typical streusel topping recipe, and added pecans. I have used almonds before, too. I forgot sugar for the apples, so I used some of the streusel topping. I had made extra, and it came in handy.

The pie, ready for the dutch oven

Above is how it looked going in to the dutch oven. Pretty good, I think. We had to scrape some burn off, so it was very lucky to have so much streusel topping. We ended up with just the right amount.

Here is the finished pie in the dutch oven. It was a nice reward after a long day of laying around outside. Below, see the picture of the tired camper eating the pie. He can barely hold his head up.

And we had a great fire on that cool night.

This is how the river looks early in the morning.

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  1. Yummy!!!!
    Thanks for the Laura Ashley I'm dating myself. Nice to see its moved along unlike some of the same purveyors.
    When I saw your blog name I had to come by...I'm a pie fanatic...over cake anytime!!!!



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